More LEGO Technic Awesomeness from Yoshihito Isogawa

I *love* Yoshihito’s LEGO creations, and these two videos really spotlight how awesome his little movers are. I’ve got a couple of his Technic idea books: They are beautiful to look at, and totally inspiring when you’re looking for new ways to tinker in LEGO (my boy just turned 5, and is mad-crazy for LEGOs, so this isn’t a weak endorsement; I’ve got LEGO opinions, folks).

Supercool LEGO Technic projects

LEGO Technic Idea Book Complete Set | No Starch Press

This is rom Yoshihito Isogawa’s book Wheeled Wonders.

I have a copy of his Fantastic Contraptions that my publisher sent me, and I *love* it: Really beautiful book (it’s all color photos of the projects, rotated and exploded so you can see how they piece together and function), lots of whimsical projects that are complex without being complicated. (His other videos are pretty sweet, too.)