OMFG the books are printed!

No Starch Press and Malloy (the printer, right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan) have made a superawesome book out of the jumbled mess of ill-lit pics and typos I produced–and you can order it directly from the publisher at a 35% discount with this coupon code: MAKEMORE (good until the end of December).
(UPDATE: As of 2014-ish Malloy is now Edwards Brothers Malloy. They no longer print my book for No Starch, but they are still rad and still right here in Ann Arbor, MI,)

Ill-advised airplane bathroom craft projects

The Things He Carried – Magazine – The Atlantic

“The whole system is designed to catch stupid terrorists,” Schnei er told me. A smart terrorist, he says, won’t try to bring a knife aboard a plane, as I had been doing; he’ll make his own, in the airplane bathroom. Schnei er told me the recipe: “Get some steel epoxy glue at a hardware store. It comes in two tubes, one with steel dust and then a hardener. You make the mold by folding a piece of cardboard in two, and then you mix the two tubes together. You can use a metal spoon for the handle. It hardens in 15 minutes.”