Make Puppets with Jim Henson

Making Puppets With Jim Henson blog

This is a good intro to puppet-making, and a really solid lesson in pedagogy.
I love how chill Henson is; he doesn’t dumb down what he’s saying, and he also doesn’t amp it up (*HEY KIDS!*)–he presumes that his audience, regardless of age, is composed of interested human beings of average intelligence. It’s fun and it’s dignified (not in the sense of “stuffy,” but in that it respects the dignity of both the teacher and the student); in my experience, this is the best recipe for running a class where folks have fun and learn/make something they’ll value (again, regardless of age: 4-year-olds and 40-year-olds can all be spoken to basically the same way, you just have to squat on your haunches when addressing the former, and stand up straight when talking to the latter).
I also love that the puppeteers are clearly messing with Henson. That cracks me up.