Boomerang Success Story!

Make A Simple Cardboard Boomerang | Apartment Therapy

(credit: Richard Popovic)
I remember when my brother got a foam-rubber boomerang at the circus one year. We spent hours throwing it at each other in the backyard, desperately trying to get it to come back to us with little success. I figured I just didn’t have the knack. As it turns out, it was the boomerang’s fault (I knew it!), and I can make one in a few minutes that is guaranteed to work. Sign me up!

FACT: Hearing about folks’ success with one of my projects is just *insanely* gratifying–and all the more so when it’s a boomerang success story. My introduction to boomerangs as a kid was *also* a circus souvenir, and I had *exactly* the same experience as Richard; soured me on the damn things for ~15 years.
Do you have a boomerang success story? Send it my way; we need to push back against all the terrible boomerang karma drifting around out there.