Handmade Conversations — David Erik Nelson, Geek Craft Extraordinaire

CraftFoxes–a very cool new crafting/DIY community–posted a really long interview with me, and was really nice about my rambling, evasive answers. Check it out:

What is your craft medium of choice, and why do you like it so much?
This shifts around. When I was little, I loved LEGO, Capsela and cardboard boxes. In high school, I loved weaving and ceramics, then briefly delved into figure drawing. In college I was really into ironic, swear-leaden cross-stitch, which I’d actually learned from my mom in elementary school (not the swearing, just cross-stitch itself). After that I went through a sock-animal phase and a more general sewing phase. An abortive attempt at crochet came next, followed, almost a decade later, by a successful crochet phase. I also learned to knit once, despite having no interest, because my wife wanted to learn and couldn’t decode the damn instructions in any of the books (which, I agree, are bizarrely algorithmic and technical; it’s like trying to figure out integral calculus using a textbook written in Middle English. Any time I hear some blowhard characterizing women as being “naturally” poor at math and physics, I think of how damn complicated those knitting books are, and how few male engineers I know can figure them out).

180 words, and not a one of them *actually answering the question*! The whole thing is like that, and runs upwards of 1700 words (and I skipped some questions). There’s even a picture of a very young me with a tame raccoon. If anything is indicative of what it’s like to hang out with me, this is. You’ve been warned.
Also, from now until Monday, Feb 27 CraftFoxes is giving away a copy of my book; click on over and enter to win.