Liz Arum’s 2011 Workshops

I’ve meant to post this for ages, and it somehow kept slipping through the cracks. About a year ago Liz Arum (of Makerbot fame, at least for me) did a summertime DIY/making workshop with a bunch of kids and built a few projects from SnipBurn (as well as others). She posted a bunch of pics that warm the cockles of my heart:

the rest are here)
As it turns out, Liz used 30-gauge winding wire for the pickups in those $10 Electric Guitars–significantly beefier than the 42-gauge I cal for in the book, and also significantly easier to find at RadioShack. This, obviously, takes many more windings than the 42-gauge design, but she reports that the sound is good. I’ve since talked to other SnipBurn makers who’ve likewise used these much thicker gauge wires and had good results, so I’m going to start experimenting with this cheaper/easier wire as I work on projects for my next book (which is all musical instruments). Stay tuned for more details on my findings.
FYI, if you’ve built something cool based on one of the projects in SnipBurn, then totally hit me with some links to pics, audio, or video; I’m happy to add it to the gallery and share your links.