Get “Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate” for Just 99 Cents!

Just a reminder that my steampunk novella (with new, original illustrations from the fantabulous Chad Sell) will be available on AMazon for just 99 cents (!!!) for about another week. Act fast, Kindle-wielding, steampunk-tolerant, literary-cowboy sex-book readers!

Utah Territory, 1874: The long American Civil War is finally over, and the Union restored thanks to the tireless service of the Chinese-built clockwork soldiers of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s Terrible Mechanical Corps. Discharged ‘clockies,’ feared and reviled for their efficiency on the battlefield, have moved West to live peacefully alongside an often suspicious citizenry. Peacefully, that is, until Dickie Tucker–a crippled, alcoholic Confederate veteran living in Utah Territory–teaches these machines the art and craft of being, or at least seeming, human.

(SNEAK PEEK: Amazon will give you a free sample for Kindle, or get the same sample chunk as a pretty slick DRM-free PDF right here.)