What’s Dave-o Talking About? @roborobb #scifi #writing

At the tail end of the summer I connected with Robo Robb via Maker Faire Detroit. He subsequently interviewed me for WXOU, which is 88.3FM in Auburn Hills, MI. I’d thought we were going to talk mostly about maker/DIY stuff, but it ended up being a really fun, wide ranging chat. Robo Robb is a really excellent, laid-back interviewer–which, compounded with my sprung sleep schedule (travel, new baby, etc.) meant that, about four minutes into the interview, I totally forgot that we were recording. When he grabbed his digital recorder off the table as we were leaving–the coffee shop had shut down and wanted to haul their tables in–I suddenly realized I had *no idea* what I’d said. So, everything at this link is gonna be news to both of us.
DISCLOSURE: This tape is long–more than an hour, as I recall–and I have a terrible, nasal Jewish Kermit the Frog voice and creaky geek laugh. It’s downright *punishing* to listen to me go on about this stuff. Also, I go pretty far afield on education policy and race in America and clockwork robot war crimes–the whole thing is a hot mess. But Robo Robb is an excellent interlocutor and solid dude. If you ever get a chance to talk with him, *jump at it!*
Interview with David Erik Nelson – Robo Robb
*thx Robb!*