Created by Sean Charlesworth and totally *{squeeeeee!}*worthy:
It has working suckers on the tentacles! Opposable arms! LED lights! An operational iris access hatch! It was 3D-printed in basically a single pass and required *no painting*! (Tons more pics and vids here, including some footage of the printing process and a time-lapse of the final build.)

There’s also this nifty interview with Charlesworth:

Of all the mechanical bits to work out, the tentacles were by far the hardest and required the most test prints. I knew the tentacles had to really come alive or the model would be a flop. I rejected traditional joints for various reasons and ended up printing a flexible core with Objet’s rubber-like Tango material and fusing Objet Vero rigid knuckles to it for detail. I modeled a small shaft down the center and inserted brass armature wires afterward so the tentacles could be posed dramatically. It took about four versions to get it right. . . . I found the Objet Connex [3D printer] to be great for this project due to the multiple materials. While the ABS-like Digital Material would have ultimately been the best choice structurally, I didn’t want to deal with painting the model. I chose to do most of it with the Black and White Vero materials since I could digitally mix them and have something that looked great right out of the printer. I was also really happy with the resolution and precision of the parts.