History furnishes a brief video counter-argument to my recent “3D-Printed Plastic #Guns Are Malarky” streak

I’ve been pretty harsh on the breathless reporting and legislative freak-outs triggered (pun!) by DefDist’s most recent 3D-printing shenanigans (and other folks’ mods and improvements there-of; read my full thoughts here:Snip, Burn, Solder Blog: The “Liberator” 3D-Printed Plastic Pistol: A Thing You Don’t Have to Worry About #guns and here: Snip, Burn, Solder Blog: Mandatory Reading for Folks Excited about 3D Printing Who’ve Never *Used* a 3D Printer).
As an olive branch to the “technology always gets faster/cheaper/better” crowd, I offer this brief snippet of history[*] without further commentary:

News report from 1981 about the Internet. [VIDEO]
From the video’s closer: “It takes over two hours to receive the entire daily paper electronically, and at $5 per hour, it isn’t competition for the daily street edition.”

[*] And decline to point out that, despite our medical technology getting faster/cheaper/better for hundreds of years, dehydration from diarrhea–a condition that, at its most dire, can almost always be sufficiently addressed with century old technology–continues to be the number one killer of babies in the developing world.
I continue to maintain that 3D-printed plastic guns constitute a new and exciting way for white, privileged males with solid educations, leisure time, and disposable money to get guns. Since there is *no other way* for this population to acquire quasi-functional firearms, we clearly have much to freak out about. Congress better enact ten billion nonsense new laws quick! *Won’t someone think of the CHILDREN!!1!*