Blow Your Holiday Money with Dave-o!

Happy Arbitrary Calendar Rollover Date, everyone!
Since some portion of you are currently fat with Non-Denominational Gift Giving Holiday Season cash and gift cards, I thought I’d take a second to outline the many options you have for funneling that money in my direction.
Got an Amazon GC burning a hole in your pocket? Well then, you could apply that to either the Kindle edition of my celebrated steampunk novella:

or to any of the formats of my geeky DIY book–appropriate for geeks of all walks, with or without kids:

Many fine digital and physical bookshops also stock Snip, Burn, including Barnes & Noble, O’Reilly Media, the Maker Shed, and the publisher No Starch Press (use the coupon code SHRED at No Starch and save 35%). BONUS: No Starch throws in DRM-free ebooks for FREE when you buy the print version; I find the PDF version of the book to be vastly superior to the Kindle/ePub version (in fact, I’ve been referencing the PDF of Snip, Burn *daily* while working on my second DIY book).
Got cash money? Wanna to get an autographed copy of Snip, Burn directly from me? We can do that!
Wanna haggle about the ebook price of Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate or get a rare, one-off *print* edition? We can do that!
Wanna read Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate in Chinese? Take it up with these folks!

Finally, The Magazine: Year One hardcover–which has a beautiful design, great interiors, and a great lineup (including an article I wrote about digital pinhole photography) is now available for pre-order. Not sure how big the run is on that, so act *now*!
Or, you could always just toss some coin in my PayPal tip jar. I’ll send you a picture of me spending that money irresponsibly!