FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Interviews Me About “The Traveling Salesman Solution”

A few weeks back C.C. Finlay, who guest edited a volume of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction did a really nice interview with me–which I promptly neglected to tell any of you about. My bad!

At any rate, the interview is largely about “The Traveling Salesman Solution”–which is my story in the issue Finlay edited (still available at your local bookseller, online, and through Amazon–who offer a FREE trial subscription!) It was a nice chat and helped me realize that, among other things, the story is sort of a weird sublimated love-letter to mathematicians:

– There is a lot of math in this story.

I was a crappy math student, but I never had a math teacher I didn’t like. Mathematicians are a sorely underserved community.

For real, mathematicians are almost invariably very rad people. That I’m *terrible* at getting my head around their life’s work is an indictment of me, not them.

At any rate, you can read the rest (it’s brief!) here: Interview: David Erik Nelson on “The Traveling Salesman Solution” : The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (I give a layman’s rundown on the Traveling Salesman Problem, talk about military service and the “handicapped,” tell a seemingly random anecdote about Whole Foods–it’s *just like* hanging out with me in person, except there is no risk of me sticking you with the tab.)

If you like what you see but fear commitment, you can get a free copy of my award-winning time portal story “The New Guys Always Work Overtime,” and get a sense of whether or not I’m the sorta dude you might wanna hang out with for 12,000 words.