Early Access! Get a sneak-peak at the #DIY projects in JUNKYARD JAM BAND TODAY!

My publisher is offering early access to projects from JUNKYARD JAM BAND (release date: May 2015). These are completed, fully illustrated musical instrument/toy projects that have been revised, tested, copyedited, proofread, and gone into final layout. The first batch of Early Access Projects drops *today(!!!)* and includes the Slinkiphone, Plasti-Pickup, and Scratchbox.
Anyone who preorders the JUNKYARD JAM BAND print edition or ebook is automatically enrolled in Early Access. You get projects as soon as they’re fit for public consumption, and have the opportunity to hit us with feedback. Pre-orders also get a 30% discount (use the coupon code EARLYBIRD ) and when you buy the print edition you get the DRM-free ebook bundle, too (no up-charge or additional fee). In short, order now and you get a few projects *immediately,* will be the first to get a print copy, and will have the finalized ebooks the day they drop–all for *less* than the steeply-discounted Amazon list price (and you get all that in addition to supporting indie publishers, the Maker Movement, DIY in the schools, the Youth of Today, the Future of America, my family, dog, dependents, and creditors, blah, blah, blah). It’s a win-win-win-win-win…winn

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