“Junkshop Percussion” in the Wild: Techno Goes Acoustic

I’ve been wrapping up my new book, which dedicates an entire section to “Junkshop Percussion”: washboards and cajons and spoons and buckets, and all the great “instruments” that are just detritus-plus-panache.

So, folks like this–who take a musical form that arose from digitization and mechanization via insanely expensive studio gear, then make it a dirt-cheap, no-tech, hands-on, all-acoustic expressive art form–just tickle me pink.

Like this guy, he’s a pure delight with the speed, steadiness, and raw sweat of that drum-n-bass:

Around the 2:15 mark this guy emulates a classic EMD filter sweep with his foot muting a bar; wünderbar!!!

Or check out the Pipe Guy’s PVC-and-flip-fop electro trance:

OMFG! I *love* old-school analog drum machine claps (like you get on a Roland 808, or my treasured Boss DR-110)–and he’s getting that sound from a goddamned flip-flop! *Outstanding!* I especially dig the point near 2:55, where dude launches into a cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, then abruptly segues into the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” (although I’m kinda disappointed that this never becomes a cover of the Knight Rider theme, ’cause it hovers right at the cusp of doing so).

There is a future where these dudes appear on a Skynet-hosted show called HUMANS GOT TALENT. Howie Mandel continues to host, because he is a cylon.

At any rate, more to the point: If you dig things like these dudes are doing, then you might dig my next book (out in July). If you can’t wait to start building instruments and making sweet-ass sounds, you can start *right now* with a free download of the two most popular music projects from my fist DIY book:

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