Dave-o on the Radio (and new DIY freebies)!

Jefferson Public Radio interviewed me last month about DIY musical instruments; you can hear that here: Music From Your Junk Drawer | Jefferson Public Radio FUN FACT: It wasn’t until the last minute that I learned this was a radio call-in show (!!!) Had a very bad moment as I sat on hold, waiting to go live, and flashed on all of the “longtime listeners” I’d heard call-in and harangue NPR hosts over the years (none of which came to pass; there was one caller, he was on-topic and totally lovely).

*BONUS*: We’ve added another project to the free DIY Jam Pack, which now includes full instructions on building a single-string electric guitar, an amp, and a Droid Voicebox voice synth. Please feel free to share that link and spread the love; the more folks building their own instruments, the better!