So, this is a hella catchy song that I really love—

—but it also super-duper creeps me out, because it sorta seems like

  1. the speaker is a sociopath who
  2. is confessing to a crime in song.  Like, I think the narrator of this song is maybe that realtor who had that woman chained up “like a dog” in a shipping container on his property in North Carolina.  And finally, I’m a little worried that
  3. maybe this is Rick Springfield confessing in song—has anyone heard from Jessie’s girl lately?  I mean, shit, do any of us even know her name‽

Anyway, still a catchy tune—apart from the weird little record-skip repeat at around 1:30, prior to diving into the B-section.  I love the B-section and breakdown—especially because it then leads into, like, a “C” section(?) with a weird momentary Truck Driver’s Gear Shift and serviceable guitar solo—but that repeated bar near 1:30 has always sorta driven me nuts.

Anyway, enjoy!