The Flyest Single-String Electric Guitar I’ve Ever Seen

This is the diddley bow that Chris Lynas built last weekend, riffing off the “$10 Electric Guitar” in Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred (Project #13)–plus a sweet lil Dirt Cheap Amp (Project #12) to go with it:

And here it is in action:

I *love* this! Such a great fit for these lil hands!
Incidentally, Chris is one of several builders who have used a thicker gauge of wire to wind their pickups and still had good results. Quoth Chris:

I used 40 gauge wire because it was what I could find. Works ok and was easy to handle with 5yo assisting. In combination with the beefy magnet it’s quite a hot pickup. Neck is ash (from past project), body from old pine shelf. Machine head and string cost about £4 total from local guitar shop. All other hardware from the bottom of the toolbox.

I.e., Chris stayed within the $10 budget, despite the strong pound sterling! Supercool!
Some folks may already be familiar with Chris Lynas from this project, where he 3D-printed new discs for an old-school Fisher-Price “record player” (which was actually technologically more of a music box):

(Worth checking out the link, as the code/CAD-based solution is pretty fascinating.)
*thx Chris!*