Astronaut Don Pettit Plays Didgeridoo in SPAAAAAAACE!

And here’s another really lovely orbital water experiment with Don Pettit:

Aside: My mom is here to watch my newish baby while a friendly giant crushes my basement floor in order to swap out a collapsed sewer line. Mom glanced at this video and exclaimed, “He’s on the moon?!?” When I explained that, no, he was on the International Space Station, Mom was visibly let down. Guy standing on an inert hunk of rock and playing the digeridoo? *OMG!* Guy sitting in the crowning technological achievement of our species and playing a didgeridoo? *Menh.*
In a nutshell, this is everything that’s wrong with the Baby Boom Generation, folks.
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Incidentally, Project 11 my book Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred: Seriously Geeky Stuff to Make with Your Kids is basically everything you’ll ever need to know about building an ad hoc hardware store didgeridoo. Sadly, the publishers made me cut the chapter on building your own space station–for liability reasons–so I can only really get you half-way to Don Pettit territory right now.