M.C. Escher’s “Relativity” litho as a Star Wars LEGO diorama

I’m not just posting this because geeks and LEGO and Star Wars and nostalgia-singularity and *neat!* {*squeeee*} FREAKOUT! Yes, all that’s in the mix (plus, like most of you, I’m a depressingly unselfconscious Escher fanboy from small times), but I’m posting this because, simply as art in and of itself, this sculpture is lovely and worth meditating on. It is here to tell us something interesting about ourselves and our myths. For example, the artist’s blithely stated intention to *dismantle* this.
Take a second to click through and look at the detailed images. Please. Trust me:
Star Wars Relativity V2: A LEGO– creation by Paul Vermeesch : MOCpages.com