Bilal Ghalib Rocks Veggies in his Wok using MakeyMakey

I’ve worked with Bilal Ghalib in the past (we hosted one of his “Pocket Factory” 3-D printing crash-course workshops at Workantile), so it was a delight to see him pop up out of the blue with something new and rad:

Yup: He’s using the MakeyMakey USB keyboard interface (a Kickstarter project I geeked about a few weeks back; it’s now funded at 1,700% [!!!] with 6 days to go!) to play with his food. Nice!
This is precisely the reason I jumped on the MakeyMakey funding bandwagon: Obtuse interfaces for musical instruments inspire all sorts of crazy new ways to rock out, and I *love* that. Here’s another great MakeyMakey ad hoc instrument:

FYI, I’m just now starting in on my second DIY book with No Starch Press. This time around it’s going to be all musical instruments, mostly electronic; expect lots of janky little synths with nary an equal-tempered keyboard in sight, and inappropriate uses of conventional technologies. Also at least one ukulele.