Early Access to More Projects from JUNKYARD JAM BAND!!!

Just a quick heads-up that we’ve added four new projects to the Junkyard Jam Band Early Access, for a total of *seven* fully-functional musical instrument projects you can download and build *now*–including the Droid Voicebox (learn to solder and then talk like a funky robot today), my new Playing-Card Pickup design (perfect for cigar-box guitars, diddley bows, steel-string ukes, mandolins, etc.), and the Elephant Trumpet (a couple bucks in parts, five minutes to build, hours of laughing yourself silly).

Q: What’s “Early Access“?
A: My new book, Junkyard Jam Band: DIY Musical Instruments and Noisemakers, won’t hit store shelves until this July. You can buy it at a discount *today* and get immediate access to PDFs of the projects. You’ll be updated as new projects become available, and ultimately receive your copy of the finished book before anyone else. ADDED BONUS (for both you and us): You have a chance to hit us with feedback about how we can make these projects *even more rad!*

Wanna jump aboard? Just add Junkyard Jam Band to your cart and checkout using the coupon code EARLYBIRD. You’ll save 30% and can start making a jazz noise ASAP.