MICHIGAN VOTERS: Our Roads Suck! Plz Vote YES on Prop 1!!!

Our roads are in crap condition and our legislators have basically been refusing to act like grown-ups and raise taxes to pay to fix them. So, they punted the decision to us with a moderately confusing ballot proposal–Proposal 1–to fund this. Here’s the bit: There’s now this growing grumble that we should torpedo the prop just to be dicks to the governor (who favors Prop 1).
This is a not-good plan. Our feelings about the governor are our feelings about the governor; failing to pass Prop 1 will not punish him. It will punish children, the elderly, and the poor. If you are pissed at *those* groups, then yeah, I guess you should kill Prop 1. Otherwise, vote YES on Prop 1, write an angry letter to the governor, and get on with your day.
Again, our legislators failed to act like grown ups and just fix the damn thing; the proper response is for us to act like responsible grown-ups, not to pitch a ballot-box tantrum.

  1. Our roads will get fixed, making them safer and saving *everyone* money on auto repairs, travel times, fuel consumption, etc.
  2. School funding will be protected.
  3. Taxes taxes will get somewhat more rational (gas taxes will go to fix roads, and several gas taxes will be repealed in order to replace them with a slightly higher single tax; sales tax will get bumped one point to 7%, in order to pay for public schools)
  4. The Earned-Income Tax credit will be restored (this helps low- to middle-income families)


  1. A governor who you maybe personally dislike is happy about something
  2. This is a net tax increase which disproportionately falls on the low- and middle-earners (which is just the reality of sales and fuel taxes)

Yeah, this is a crappy situation–even if you think the governor is dandy, it’s still an imperfect fix and and overall crappy situation, because it shows such weak, childish governing on the part of our elected officials–but it’s better than the alternative (as per Proposal 1: The issue that has turned too many Michigan progressives into tea partiers | Eclectablog):

Here’s the reality: the Republicans, a full 70% of whom voted FOR putting Prop 1 on the ballot, would like nothing more than for voters to kill it. Then, the “lesson” they will have learned, one they are counting on, is that Michigan voters don’t want their taxes raised. Once that has been established, they will feel free to start cutting our state budget. If you think that means rolling back the corporate tax cuts that we all fought so hard against, you couldn’t possibly be more wrong.
We already know where they will find the money to put into the roads because they have been showing us for the past four years. They will cut programs that impact those in the most need – the elderly, the young, and the poor – and they will continue to cut education. In fact, conservative Senator Patrick Colbeck has an 83-bill package of legislation waiting in the wings in the event Prop 1 goes down in flames to begin these cuts.

So, on May 5, please VOTE YES ON PROP 1.

Want brass tacks on this issue? This video is *insanely* informative:

Yes, the full video is 1hr25mins, but even just watching the first 15mins will give you a much clearer picture of what Prop 1 is about.