Prepare to Fall in Love with the HTML 5 Drum Machine

There’s a lot to love about the HTML5 Drum Machine. For starters, it’s all in HTML5, which means you can look at the source, monkey with it, and run it locally regardless of OS. On top of that, it apes a stripped down version of the venerable Roland 808 by default, with fairly faithful sounds (esp. the clap and rim, as well as those distinctively WtF?! “conga” sounds). Most importantly, it’s super easy to get your head around and use. Here’s a quick sample of a track a tossed together in roughly the amount of time it takes to listen to.
Yes, the response is a little sludgy (jeez, it’s browser based, for crissakes!), and it lacks some of the things I really love in Roland’s hardware drum machines (like the way the closed hat would clamp the decay on the open hat–’cause, you know, that’s how physical hi-hats work)–but, oh jeez, is this thing a ton of fun!
GO! Make a good noise here!
HTML5 Drum Machine
(via Free HTML 5 Drum Machine For Your Web Browser — Synthtopia )