Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Glass-Eating Clown!!!

Jelly Boy the Clown
Jelly Boy the Clown

What with the news and all, I was recently reminded that I at one time advocated voting for extreme clowns:

For the average citizen, the voting conundrum is born of finite time and imperfect information: You don’t have the time or resources to actually meet and research each candidate yourself, and thus must rely on second-hand research of dubious provenance.

As such, you may be better off relying on a heuristic of your own making. My preferred rule of thumb is this: Always vote for the glass-eating clown.

I stand by this obtuse position.

(Just to clarify: This is an endorsement of electing possible alleged murder clowns.  This is not an endorsement of Donald J. Trump–although I do wholeheartedly endorse him eating glass, if he so chooses.)