FLASHBACK FRIDAY: This is your reminder that Mars is now populated entirely by very lonely robots…😢🤖

… and hungry, hungry sandworms (presumably).

These are fun on your computer, and absolutely immersively astounding on your phone/tablet. The future is here, but unevenly distributed—with some portions dune-buggying around Mars, picking at rocks and wrecking up the joint.

from “360º Views from the Surface of Mars(!!!)” (with immersive VR video doo-hickey!!!)
"Visit Mars" travel poster from https://lynxartcollection.com/products/sku-visitmars-visit-mars-poster-mars-space-poster-take-a-trip-on-dune-voyager-mars-exploration-and-colonization-to-colonize-mars-vintage-retro-futuristic-futurism-space-travel-art-poster-design-like-nasa-creative-unique-travel-art
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